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I think having white, gleaming teeth is quite important - problem is I smoke and they not so white anymore. Anybody have any good advice to whiter teeth?

I brush 3 times a day and have tried whitening toothpastes - has anybody bleached their teeth? How about actors/actresses, do they bleach them or get polished up by dentist?

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    Um, i had my teeth bleached a couple of years ago, as i have a calcium deficiency, and basically (if you get a proper dentist's bleaching kit) they take a mould of your teeth and send it off to be made into a cast that you fill with the bleach paste and put on your teeth for a couple of hours each day/overnight. The disadvantages of this is that it does only lighten your teeth a couple of shades (which should be alright if you smoke, i had proper discoloration), and you can't eat/smoke/drink while they're in. It's quite expensive too, but it does work. I'm currently looking into laser bleaching for myself, but if it's not a huge problem, normal bleaching should be fine (and is cheaper), but it does take a while.
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