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Pretty urgent. Still can't choose a uni course.

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Hi all. This is my first post on this site so please feel free to correct something i do.

I'm in A2 at the moment which means i should have sent an application off to uni by now. I still haven't got even a course i feel i can take a chance on.
I did maths, further maths, phys and chem last year, grades were ACC in chem, phys, maths (the further modules are all this year). I may just do AS fmaths though as i have quite a few resits.

I've researched a bunch though:
Engineering: general, materials, EEE, chemical. (Chemistry may be very interesting to me, but chemeng looks more boring and the modules dont seem as varied as id like) i also like mechanics but again mechanical didnt really appeal to me as much.
Other, something more computers orientated as i know i like learning about them. Maybe if i cant see myself studying something directly related to my a levels for 3/4yrs, no matter if sometimes i love learning them, i need to try something different to actually study at uni. I thought maybe software related or EEE comes in here too.

I didnt do anything like computing or ict at gcse though, its been difficult trying to see if id like it. I like reading about all these though so theyre all equal in my eyes atm.

How to i pick just one?
I was thinking of doing chem as its got phys and some maths, as well as some optional modules in maths and computing. U can go into materials which has some link with electronic applications i guess. More likely with phys maybe but im just not sure how much i like chem. basically i dont currently have a desire to do any of them for 3/4trs so maybe i should do some work experience or go for something newish like engineering or something more technology like?
I dont know what my reason for studying something is. People who do engineering make the point of using what they know as a tool to solve real problems, im not sure if id think that when i study it more or whether im more suited to a straight science as i do love to learn about stuff. Thats all i know. I feel like an absolute idiot for nor even knowing what i like and just not feeling inspired anymore. Any help would be awesome. I think ive over thought it to be honest.
Thanks :D


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    Hey there,

    Welcome to thesite.org :)

    Applying for university is pretty daunting, my honest advice is don't rush into anything and try to make sure that you're fully happy with whatever course you decide to apply for.

    From what you're saying, you have lots of ideas of areas you might be interested in, predominantly linking to the sciences and mathematics, but you're finding it hard to have one thing which completely stands out. Have you decided on a university or is that causing as much of a dilemma as the course? TheSite has some information on choosing a university.

    How would you feel about having a year out to gain some work experience in the different areas you're thinking of? That way you can make valuable contacts and also get an idea of the different types of work place which would be of interest. Do-it and vinspired are both good places to hunt down local volunteering opportunities.

    Best of luck :)
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    Do you like applying what you learn to the real world? Ir really getting into the first principles theory?

    Sounds like you might be best looking at Natural sciences type course, or engineering courses where the first year or two are common.
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    The best piece of advice I got about applying for university was from my Mum :) She said "wherever you choose, you have to live there for three years". I knew I wanted to do social sciences, but not what subject. But I applied to a range of places, and went to the university that felt like a good place for me to spend three years. And it worked out for me. Maybe looking at what places you'd like to study at and live in, what courses they offer and what grades they need could help to narrow it down?

    Also, and it sounds like you've done some of this, if you can get course descriptions and reading lists from universities your interested in and do some reading, it might help to work out what grabs you.

    While it is a big decision, it doesn't have to be a final one. You can often change courses in the first year, and you can always do further study in another discipline if that makes more sense to you later on. Also worth considering - it might be one of those decisions that there isn't a "right" answer to, and once you know as much as you can, maybe you just have to go for your gut feeling (tempered by the research you've done)?
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