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Asking someone out at their work place?

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(I am probably over thinking this, I do that a lot).

Anyway's what are people's thoughts on asking someone out at their work place? I quite like a girl that works at my local gym, we smile and look a lot but never seem to talk - she's usually with customers/or busy and I'm usually training.

Not really had much luck with the whole dating thing: I kinda define it a circle peg for a square hole and all that and I am happy being single but life can be fun with two no? Also the fact she's at my local gym so even asking her out could be awkward as I go there every day more or less.

Do you think it's more trouble than it's worth or should I take the chance?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    She has to smile at you because you are a customer and if she notices you looking at her alot she may like the attention.
    Have you ever spoken to her?
    How do you know if she is single?

    If you did ask her out and she said no, could you deal with the rejection?
    Could you go to the gym every day knowing you are going to have her?
    If the answers to these questions are no..I wouldnt ask her out

    Otherwise if you could deal with rejection etc start making the odd conversation with her and find out if she is single, straight and what she likes to do when she is not working etc
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    Danny!Danny! Deactivated Posts: 560 Incredible Poster
    I think lisalashes questions a re a really good start. And taking some in between steps before you ask her out could be a really good idea.

    I think that seeing as you will see her most days, it would be worth knowing that you have some rapport together before you ask her out. If you can start talking to her, and you see her that often, then you could start testing the water a little bit.

    Being happy single is a really good position to be dating from, it means that your more likely to go for people you really like, rather than just someone in preference to no one. I would suggest that if you're at a dating stage and don't yet have a relationship with this girl, then it would be worth looking at where else you might people too? That would take some pressure of this situation, and then you could be more casual, and it would also mean that potential rejection wouldn't seem so serious. What do you think?
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You should start by making conversation with her there's a chance she could like you but there's also a chance that she smiles at everyone I wouldn't just go over and ask her out as you havnt even spoken to her and if she rejects you it could be very embarrassing for you to continue going there
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