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Too oversexual? Too emotional? Help!

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My significant other and I seem to have a very sexual relationship or so I think... Usually our day starts by me giving him a morning bj (and possibly sex), sex after breakfast, him jerking off with a little assistance from me in the early afternoon, sex again around dinner, and some form of fooling around (if not sex again) before we crash for the night. And all during the day we are constantly teasing one another, grabbing at one another, kissing, etc.
My problem is, occasionally I run into becoming so horny that I don't seem to find satisfaction. A couple nights ago was like that. He went down on me, I came. He then pleasured me with his fingers, I came. We then had sex, I came again. I must have came 5-6 times. After I still wanted more and I felt like I had little to no control. It only happens about once every other month, but I don't feel like it's a good thing. What can I do to get back control when this occurs?


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    Hi Lee2ab :wave:

    Wow, sounds like you are your fella have a very active sex life. It's great you are both so into each other and enjoy pleasuring yourselves. It's brilliant when you are with someone with a similar sex drive to you, all too often libidos can be mis-matched but it seems like you two have a great sexual chemistry and connection. :yes:

    From what you said, it sounds like you are worried about the fact you are really keen to have sex, and around once a month, it doesn't matter how many times you come, you still feel like you want more and in a sense aren't satisfied?

    It could perhaps be a hormonal change, if it only happens once a month? Have you thought about perhaps pleasuring yourself when you feel like this? You could try to masturbate, it's a great way to release any sexual tension that might be building up. It's a great way to take control and meet your own needs, and if you are worried about asking your partner to help you out (if he has done a lot already). You could also try using vibrators or sex toys, it's a great way for you to get off, and some people feel more in control. You may want to chat about how you feel with your significant other, and let him know what you're experiencing. If you feel comfortable, you might like him to get involved?

    We're all different when it comes to sex, and having a high sex drive isn't a bad thing. :) I hope this has helped you out a little bit!
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    I personally find that less often I have sex (I.e a couple of times a week rathe than a couple of times a day) the quality is better. Your body needs time to recharge it's hormones and sometimes there's is such a thing as too much of a good thing and you don't get the same feeling as you did before...might be worth a try if you feel like that again?
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    Thank you both for replying and for your suggestions.
    The two of us have tried and take a break from sex and very much enjoyed the time once we go back for it (usually a week break) and unfortunately, I have tried masturbating with myself, or with him joining me during these times (toys or no toys), but still that feeling just doesn't go away.
    However, Tamsinjo, you suggested "perhaps be a hormonal change". My SO also mentioned something about that and if that is the case, he suggested I go and see my doctor. I hate going to the doctors and usually try to avoid it. But if all else fails I guess it doesn't hurt, right?.. >.>
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