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Coursework stress!

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Okay so I'm in 6th form, I am taking 2 BTEC's and 1 A Level.
To be honest I'm sort of stressed out with family business at the moment which is causing me to become distracted from my coursework. Right now I've got an essay due for Health&Social Care which has to be in by Wednesday 5th, but I have no motivation to finish it! I'm about half way through and I keep trying to work on it but I just can't get there!:mad: I need help on ways to get myself motivated and ways to help myself stay on task. I get distracted SO easily and it doesn't help that the teacher demands that we type it al up on computer so I tend to research things then get distracted by reading different things like articles on a topic area:(
I find it very easy to drift off task and sometimes when I'm in class I have to write everything down to help me understand my tasks and other stuff.. I sometimes find it hard to understand everything which is said because I kinda zone out after a while of having someone talking at me...

H E L P! Please:(


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    What other subjects are you taking? Often I find if you talk to your teacher and explain your struggling with work load as long as you produce a reasonable amount they are okay with giving you an extension. But this obviously changes with each 6th form. Don't 2 BTECs must be tough I'm doing lots if coursework and have the same problem it's hard I know but we'll done on posting on here. Teachers don't want you to stress about it. I saw my teacher once day before the deadline being so stressed he gave me an extension, so it's worth asking especially with family business getting in the way it's not your fault x
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    I'm doing BTEC Level 3 Applied Science, Health&Social is Level 3 BTEC too, and Sociology is an A Level.:)
    I've been thinking I should speak to her but it's so busy because I go to a separate school for Health&Social, I'm a consortium student. My school didn't offer health&social so I do 2 subjects at my school then go to another to do H&S. And at the moment I'm still getting to know the teacher and I'm really worried... I just idk.. It's hard to ask for help because I'm an anxious person too, so I don't really like asking people who I don't know very well.. if that makes sense?D:
    Thanks Rosebud x
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    Can you email your teacher about it? would that be easier?
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    I actually don't know her email...
    When I first went to the school all I got given was an envelope with my timetable and welcome letter in, got showed the common room where 6th formers chilled out and where the head of 6th forms office was and then I was showed to my classroom.. I barely know anything about the school.. I don't know where the canteen is, where the fire assembly points are.. Nothing:/ I only know where the library is now because someone in my class showed me...
    It's kinda stupid...
  • SarahRSarahR Posts: 213 Trailblazer
    Hi Charlee

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your coursework. It can be really stressful to feel that you can't keep focused on the work, especially with a deadline to work to.

    I would echo what others have suggested about trying to talk to your teacher about your difficulties. If it's very busy, you could try getting to the lesson a little early and asking to have a private chat at a convenient time later on. If this is too difficult, then perhaps you could talk to the college administrative staff in order to find out your teacher's email address? It might be worth finding out if your college has a dedicated support team as well, as support staff can often help with these kinds of problems.

    In terms of concentration methods, it's certainly very difficult keeping your attention focused when Facebook is only a click away! Have you thought about using a browser add-on which blocks you from visiting certain sites? You can enter in a list of sites which you find yourself drifting to when you're bored and your browser can temporarily stop you from visiting them.

    Taking regular breaks from study is also important, as no one can sit and concentrate on one thing for hours at a time. Some people have recommended methods such as the Pomodoro Technique - where you work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5. Online timers can help you to stick to it. Mindfulness can also be useful in helping you to relax and clear your head before sitting down to work.

    I hope this is helpful. Do let us know how you get on :)
  • Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hi Charlee :) I agree with the others that talking to your teacher is important, but also appreciate it sounds like this is a bit complicated. Could you perhaps ask someone else to see if they have her email?

    In the meantime, have you seen the Study Motivation page on TheSite? It has some great tips that might just help you get focussed for now.
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