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Problems with the job center and work program. HELP.

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hi guys,

So ive been signing on , in june I choose to move off of esa, (was signed off with depression after a nasty relationship) all I have had since is problems .. they go like this..

I turned up on the wrong day for my first sign on, the bloke put it down as id forgotten and I got a sanction. well two different reasons and id been on esa a long time, and genuinlly thought it was the day id turned up on.

then I cancelled an appointment and got a 3 month sanction. this time, my nan gove me her car, taxed mot, and she pays my insurance, 5k worth of car and nan once her mind was made up not to drive she wanted the car gone, a friend had a flexi day and said she would take me to get said car.. not a good enough reason for even being a day late so hello 3 month sanction.

then im on the work program, so place I go have 2o days to find me a placement, now this isn't that easy as..
1, I have spinal problems and Cervical Spondylosis in my neck .
2, I only have partial use of my left hand due to an accident in 2012

so realistically there are some things I can not do.

so bloke at the work program has to be fair tried to get me a placement that will benefit me.. driving.. this I can do, collecting for a charity..

due to the sanction im walking a mates dog and doing a few hours cleaning to get me by. I've also got weekly hospital appointments and im currently have my teeth sorted out so weekly dental apts the work program I have to commit to 30 hours per week which I will do but with the above it means I have to give up the work to complete the work program well I cant how am I meant to eat, pay my electric etc?

so the bloke on the work program who I will add has been great compared to my plonker adviser at the job centre.. has been fab he spoke to my advisor today who really didn't care.

ive got 4 options.

1, complete the work program, if I do this I have to give up the work and have no money until December, if I don't do it at any point I will get sanctioned and this time it will be for 3 YEARS.

2, Get removed off the work program although JC advisor doesn't think this will happen.

3, asked for reduced hours which will be down to 20, but the dog has to be walked at lunch times, so again this isn't possible.

4. LIE and say im working 16 hours, so I still get my housing benefit, but im off the work program.

im bloody crossed that im forced into a corner where my option to save my own butt is to lie! the placement the work program bloke got me I wanted to do, but he also says that he really needs to put someone else into it!

what do I do how do I deal with this? its starting to really upset up and make me angry that my only option is to lie!

I want to work, im happy to do free labour, but I need to eat . the jc wont reverse the sanction and with my health issues im not really wanting a 3 year sanction for any reason!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Did you ever get the job centre to look at the decision again and did it ever go to appeal?

    The activites the work programme make you do, should be appropriate for your health issues. I found this wasn't the case for myself and had to complain many times over this. I got nowhere; but the job centre knew and weren't happy.
  • PGreenPGreen Posts: 175 Helping Hand
    Hey Confused

    Benefits and in particular JSA are a minefield. It’s always important to get benefits advice when you’re not sure, as the system is complicated, and it is very important to follow benefits rules correctly to make sure payment goes smoothly. It sounds like you could do with some expert advice.

    Your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can advise you on benefits issues, and support you with appealing decisions. You can visit them locally (you can search for you nearest CAB on their website) or call and speak to an advisor on 03444 111 444. They can also do a full benefits check to see what you are entitled to and all services are free of charge. It would be a good idea to look at this page on what to take with you before you go and see them. They also have an online Adviceguide if you would prefer to search for their advice that way, including a section specifically for young people.

    Also Turn2Us have a lot of useful information on benefits and grants. They have an online benefits calculator where you can share your info and it will tell you what benefits you might be entitled to.

    Sorry that it is so complicated and frustrating! Hopefully some of the above will be useful and help you to get it sorted out.
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