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getting bullied by my mum parnter

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Iam getting bullied by my mum partner. Seens we moved in to the bunglow he been so nasty to me (he been like this when I started seeing my mum) telling me what to do calling me a lazy cow. He the one that lies there doinf fuck all so he cont say iam me and my mum do most of the work unpacking and his mum is getting involved when its nothing to do with her I know that is his son but what ever goes on between us she shouldnt get involved. I told him y dont he get of his fat fucking ass and do something instead lying on the bed all day saying he cont whrn he can he got people to pay he owns money too he not paid them I just got rent to pay wich iam not that bothred everyone after him I said y dont y pay them then then worey about other people all he thinks about is his money and its about him when its not. He hasnt help pack or nothing his exuse Iis he cont do nothing
He makes me what to kill myself beause iam getting bullied


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    I'm sorry your going through this rough time. It can't be nice to live in this type of atmosphere. Have you tried speaking to your mum about this?

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    Hi Heather,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time at the moment with your mum's partner, and I'm glad that you felt you were able to open up here about how you're feeling. Being bullied by someone isn't nice and isn't right, no matter who it is who's doing it.

    It sounds like because his family are becoming involved you need someone to talk to and help, which is important. You need to feel comfortable and happy in your home, and happy in general.

    In this case, have to considered talking to your mum about how you feel? I understand it might be hard as it's her partner you want to talk to her about, but by listening to you she might be able to talk to him about the situation.

    Or if you have close friends you can speak to, they might be able to offer you emotional support and advice?

    Let us know how you get on and how you're feeling - we want to be able to help as best we can.
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