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Moving to Germany

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So, my best friend in the whole world is on holiday in Germany right now. Her family is from Germany so go on holiday there every year. She has been saying for about 6-7months or do that she may be moving to Germany, but not often or serious enough for me to actually consider it.
She has literally just sent me a message saying that she has bad news so I asked her what. Bearing in mind she takes like 7 days to reply(slight exaggeration!;)), I was watching my messages like a hawk. Then she told me that she was moving to Germany. I sent her this message back saying that it was amazing and I'm do happy for her, because I am. But, not to be selfish in anyway because j love her too much for that, she is my only friend and were going into year 11 together! We made all these plans to stay at 6th form together, we even wanted to do some of the same courses. Now she's moving country and I don't even know when because she hasn't replied yet.
Btw it is almost 3am in the Uk so I am more emotional than usual but I just haven't been able to stop crying. I don't know how I am going to cope without her:','(


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    You can't always plan your life through. Sometimes unforeseeable changes happen. That said, nobody ever died of grief because their teenage friend moved away. It sucks, but you'll live.
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    *BananaMonkey**BananaMonkey* Posts: 5,462 Part of The Furniture
    I know it may seem like the worst news ever at the moment. But with technology nowadays there is always ways to stay in touch. One of my best friends moved to florida to study and I wasnt sure how our friendship was going to work but we text and facebook and skype all the time.

    You will figure it out.

    Hang in there. :heart:

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    It will be hard at first but I promise it will get easier with time and you'll be okay *hug*
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    Hi there :wave:

    Sorry to hear your friend is moving to Germany - it might feel like a million miles away, but it's not too far and think of all the ways you can stay in touch these days! There's email, Skype, phone, so many possibilities! :)

    It's great you're happy for her, and I'm sure she appreciates that from a close friend. Imagine how nervous she might be feeling moving to another country, so having a friend be so positive about it all will help a lot.

    Long distance relationships whether romantic or between friends can be tough and naturally upsetting at times, but that's not to say they don't work! There will be plenty of people you'll meet going in to year 11 too, and you can tell your friend moving to Germany all about them and she can meet them all when she visits - and you could visit her in Germany too!

    I hope that it all goes ok with your friends move and that you're feeling alright - come back if you want to talk about how things are going at anytime :)
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    Yeah that's a shame :/ But when you're both older, perhaps you can live in the same city again :) It's not that far away, keeping using Skype and talk as much as you can!
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