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Feeling left out

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Hi Everyone. I wanted to let u know what I should about this. I've recently got to know a friend of my best friends group this year and seem to have clicked straight away and had lots in common. I e Ben went out clubbing with her and met up with her at times when I was in town etc. It was only last month that we arranged to go out again clubbing but not just on our own this time but with her close mates to celebrate her friends birthday so I thought ok I will come which the person who's birthday it was didn't mind and so got ready on that night to go out after it was all arranged.

When I got there I met my friend as normal and then decided to meet the rest in the pub not far and as soon as we settled in a had a drink we met them. First impressions was ok but then I started to feel awkward around them as no one was saying or doing anything and I tried talking to them to see if they wanted to go up and dance or to get a drink but they didn't say anything. So all night in that same pub none of us were interacting or communicating in anyway.

I then told my friend and she didn't understand why they were behaving like this as she said they usually have a good time when they are out and it was only when I confronted my friend the next day about this that she then hears from her best friend that they couldn't enjoy themselves cuz of me made me think what do u mean? I don't understand? I was poliet to them the whole night and tried talking to them but she said well there what they said.

So I couldn't understand why they said it ever since this day and because of what her best friend of hers said we had a fall out cuz of it. now we sorted things out and dusted the air we seem to be on but not as close as we were before.

I heard her best friend twists things and says things when she's drunk and doesn't like anyone getting close to my new friend. Now they are all suppose to be going on holiday in two months and I got told from my friend they are all going but I know I haven't known them long but I feel left out. How can I get to know them more so I can start getting invited to places out with them etc when it got off to a bad start? Any advice will be great :)


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    Hey Crazykiss,

    It sounds like maybe they're a little bit jealous. That's a completely normal reaction to have sometimes when getting to know a friend of a close friend, like you. But at the same time it sounds like you're being treated a little unfairly *hug*

    Could you make direct contact with this other friend? Or is that not a possibility? It might just be worth having a very open conversation with them to let them know how you're feeling, but also to let them know that you understand how they're feeling. You being so honest might make them be just as honest which is usually the best thing for a situation like this.
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    I have had an opening conversation with them both now regarding the night out and the girl what said it said she didn't mean to of said it in that sense and it was ok she didn't know me to get talking to and she didn't mean to of upset me and was only looking out for her best friend.

    One way I'm getting she may do this to anyone who steps into her friendship circle or that she wasn't sorry and did mean what she Saud cuz she don't like the fact that someone will steal her friend away and I made that clear to her that I'm not and I'm a good friend of hers two.

    Think she may been jeaulous cuz of they but why would the rest of them and her stop having s good time cuz of me? It's stupid that they didn't even try and get to know me so they could have a good time with me but now there's no hard feelings anymore we have moved on from that but now they are all going on holiday and feel the odd one out cuz I weren't given an invite but is that bad for me to say cuz I haven't known them for they long enough?

    I dont know but I didn't like how they broadcasted it over Facebook. I'm just gonna be the bigger person in all of this to not let it effect me. That's only what I can do to feeling like this. When I next meet up with my good friend then I will discuss this with her again as I haven't met her in person for a while. May do us good. Thanks for ur help.
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