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Hi have recently been relieved of my job of over ten years and I'm wondering what government funding I'm entitled to I have manage to find new employment but doesn't start until 6 weeks I have paid tax and nic for 10 years and have no savings any help would be really appreciated as I'm struggling to say the least for money at the minute cheers in advance. Matt


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    Hey Matt,

    Welcome to TheSite boards!

    Sorry to hear you're out of a job. It must feel pretty strange after 10 years in the same place and I imagine it's a quite an anxious time at the moment. But, it's great that you've got a new job lined up!

    The benefits system is really complicated, so generally speaking, it's best to talk to an expert or trained advisor. The easiest way to do that is to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Those guys can advise you on benefits issues, and can also do a full benefits check to see what you are entitled to. All services are free of charge. It would be a good idea to look at this page on what to take with you before you go and see them. They also have an online Adviceguide if you would prefer to search for their advice that way.

    Turn2Us also have a lot of useful information on benefits and grants. They have an online benefits calculator where you can input your information and it will tell you what benefits you might be entitled to, and how to claim.

    Finally, the website MoneySavingExpert is a really good resource for finding ways to save money and budgeting.

    Hope that helps, and I'm sure if anyone else has any suggestions, they'll chip in below :)
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    You may be entitled to job seekers allowance. But you have to 9as the name suggests) actively looking for work.
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    James has given you really good information I used turn2us and its a really good site to find out what you entitied to
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    Hi titchblonde,
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