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Preparing for a job interview + relapse in depression?

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I have a job interview next week - how can I prepare? I've bought some new clothes, and I'm going to do some practice questions and try to get my answers straight and all that. Thing is, my anxiety and depression has got worse the last couple weeks and it just feels like its all wrong timing. I'm terrified that I'm going to go in, and as soon as she asks a question I'm going to freeze up or start crying. And it's not like I'm having this irrational fears, because its exactly what I did in a french speaking exam a couple years ago, and I don't see the interview setting as being all that much different.

So how can I prepare so that I DON'T freak out or freeze up when I get in there? Or should I just not go at all because it's not the right time? :S


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Definately make an effort to go. You never know if you dont try.

    Try and be prepared as you can. Make notes and bring them with you, although try not to read straight off them just use them for reference. Employers actually dont mind this because it shows you're prepared.

    You wanna research the company, their aims, goals, values, what they stand got etc, and why you want to work for them (because you share similar interests and ethics)

    What the job entails and a few example of how youve done this in the past. They may even ask you for an example of a time when you x,y,z so have a few ready to go. You can even have these noted down so you dont forget.

    Also write any questions you want to ask them at the end. Employers prefer if you do ask questions as its shows you're interested.

    If you're prepared and have all your answers noted down you can be sure that youve prepared as much as you can so try and relax and know that if it doesnt work out it wasnt meant to be
  • Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hi bringmesmiles!

    I agree with Lexi - it would be great to go if you can. It sounds like you've done a lot of preparation - that's really key and puts you in a great position.

    There are some brilliant tips here as well, which I think might really help you. Lexi has given great advice as well though. Do you know of anything which helps you relax in more general settings? Breathing exercises? Certain music? Anything like that might help with nerves?

    All in all, try to think positively, I'm sure you can do great :)
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    You shouldn't be nerves as everyone else is in the same boat as u and are feeling the same way u are. I would practice, practice and practice untill u are confident enough to go for the real one next week. Google is good search engine to look at interview questions on what the interview might as u. Questions like what are ur strengths and weaknesses is a common, tell me about urself is another and what can u bring to the company is another. Ask urself what questions are they likely to ask me and go from there and practice. Maybe asking a family member or a friend to help u prepare will help in the long run as they can sit down with u and go through the interview with u itself. Mock interviews are always good to prepare the real thing. So don't think that u can't do it or ur gonna be terrible. Everyone has to start somewhere and the only way to master the interview is to practice before you can get better. Keep telling urself that. Keep practicing what u are gonna say and sell urself the best way u can even though u feel like u can't but again it's practice and confidence. Once u have mastered those two key skills then u are nearly there to go for that interview u are attending next week. I will keep my fingers crossed. I know u will be ok. Good Luck :) Crazykiss :)
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