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Dropping off / nightmares

plugitinplugitin NoobPosts: 2,197 Mega Poster
So recently I've had something weird start happening but with increasing regularity.

Within the first 2 hours of going to bed, I'll have these kind of nightmares, but I'm not sure what they are about someone being in my flat (I live on my own). I can see them there standing over me in alarming clarity, with a light on and everything. Then of course I wake up completely terrified and have to check my flat before going back to bed and then I can't sleep for ages, manage to drop off and it happens again. It started being every now and then and just the once, now it's a few times a week and 5/6 times a night.

Any ideas how I can stop this happening? What even is going on?!


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    A technique I've been taught is to decide before you go to sleep what you want to happen to that person next - it could be something totally unrealistic but the more powerful the effect the better. Next time you wake up remember that thought and you should be able to ingrain it into your dreams.
  • plugitinplugitin Noob Posts: 2,197 Mega Poster
    Hi Miss Riot, thanks, I'll give it a try.

    Happened last night and I tried the thing you said and was a little better. Will see how it goes!
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    It sometimes takes a few weeks to totally go away :)
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    Have you noticed if there's a difference depending on routine etc? The two could be completely unrelated, but it might be worth making a note of when it happens and if there was a difference the day before.

    Also, are you currently on medication? If you are this could be having an impact.

    Nightmares are horrible, so I hope they ease eventually *hugs*
  • AndyAndy Posts: 185 Two little ducks
    Hi plugitin,

    That sounds really scary - great job on trying out MissRiot's advice though and glad that it helped make things a little better.

    I just wanted to point out a couple of resources, we've got a nice article on TheSite (as ever) about sleep and nightmares. Have a think about your sleeping environment as well before you go to bed.

    Hope you're doing alright
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