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Question guys

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Hello guyys I'm new to this......I am stuck with something, I've been looking for answers and can't find any answers and the girl I'm seeing just now won't give me answers, for the past 4 months I've been seeing this girl although we are not in a relationship but every couple of days (4 times a week) we either go to her house or go to my house and have sex and a lot of it maybe 3 times a day but both of us having different ideas on sex and sexual games etc I'm the guy who is happy taking clothes off and doing it where as she is into police and nurse outfits and being spanked hard and calling her names such as "slut" and she is also into other things which I find gross is she likes to be urinated on both face and mouth and I've never felt comfortable doing any of those, last we had it was 2 weeks ago cause I'm not willing to do pleasures that she wants, who is in the wrong? Me or her?


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    littlemissylittlemissy Posts: 9,972 Supreme Poster
    Nobody is in the wrong. Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has different ideas on what turns them on. But you shouldn't feel forced to do things that you don't feel comfortable doing. You need to sit down, have a discussion and decide if this is the right course for your relationship. And if she isn't satisfied with what you have to offer then I would suggest finding other people who can do what each of you want. Don't feel you have to do things you don't want to.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hello Littlemissy thank you for getting back to me, we aren't in a relationship we like each other as friends like we like each other but not as much as we could go bf/gf, I've tried to speak to her all she told me she wants to try out rough play which I was shocked about, I don't feel comfortable doing all that stuff like the spanking name calling etc cause really I was brought up to respect women and the person in question we've been through a lot together (as friends) such as school and college, I mean don't get me wrong me and her will always be friends we're a strong friendship and both of us have agreed numerous times that if one of us finds a partner we'd stop having intercourse with one another, but she has opened up to me which I'm thankful for but at the same time I really don't feel comfortable doing the stuff she wants and I told her that and she said ok, then she told me she wanted to ask me to try it on her for a while but she wasn't sure how I'd react but we have spoken about it we are still friends only thing that stops is the intercourse which both of us mutually agreed to stop. But thank you anyway Littlemissy I appreciate it.
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