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Dealing with change

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My life is starting to come to a point now where everything is going to change, and I dont know how to handle it.

Im 24, and my sister is 20. Although she recently declined, her and her boyfriend have been talking about moving in together, probably not for a couple of years but its on the cards.

Im still living at home but am starting to job hunt soon and am trying to get used to the idea that the job i want might not be somewhere where I can still live at home, i might need to move closer. Owning my own place is in my future plans but given what happened recently i dont know if Im ready, or when i will be. Of course I can stay in my current job but Im not enjoying it and feel like i need to move on.

Everything is changing and i dont know how to deal with it.
My sister will leave home and move away, i will probably have to, or definately should do by the age of 25.... Im terrified of things going wrong and not having anyone to support me. My family are so important to me, and i dont keep in contact with my close friends as much as id like to. I moved only about 9 or 10 miles away and i couldnt even handle that!

I so want to be able to do the things i want to without being scared but I dont want anything to change either. I dont how to deal with any of this


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    Hi Lexie :wave:

    It sounds like there is a quite a big change for you and I know how you feel as I used to freak out with any type of change, I think most people get scared of change. Sometimes change can be for the good and it's something that I have learnt since I have got older, so it's a learning step. It can be overwhelming when everything happens all at once and it's probably freaking you out a little, it's ok to feel like that.

    Just because your sister is thinking of moving out at a certain age doesn't mean you have to put an age restriction on yourself, you will know when the time is right *hug*

    It sounds like you have a plan for your future and have a good focus on what you want and when the time is right you will do it.

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    Thanks. Well the only plan I have at the moment is to get myself into a job I enjoy doing and that was chosen by me, not a recruitment agent.

    I'm in an ok mood at the moment as I've been out for drinks with work people but all day I've just had that odd, sicky, anxiety feeling in your stomach and heart palpitations when you're nervous about something. I don't know if this is the first signs of anxiety.

    I can seem to shake the feeling that everything is wrong and it's making me so depressed. Going through the job hunting task again will help but I'm always stuck with the feeling of 'what if it doesn't all work out and I still feel this way?'
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