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My relationship with my dad :(

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I got on really close like best friends. I phoned him to see how he was. The first thing he ask me was where was I. He words was in Crewe with ur mum then I take it. He started saying about the house I live in. He knows Ian not happy there as he heard me in tears down the phone how unhappy Ian :(. He started getting really funny with me I try my hardier for u and this what I do everything for my dad. I don't want to not reck my close relshingship with him. He does loss for me and I give him back Lods of stuff. This what he thinks of his daughter :( I said to him that Ian going threw hell at the moment an I don't need it. Ian in a bit of rent of rears at the moment and I been waiting for the support workers to let me know an told him how un supported the staff is. Then ended the call on me

I don't want it to end like this :( I text him I love him an not atended to be funny with him and I love him don't forget that :( I in the middle to what to do Now. It making me soo bad and down and lost with out my own dad :( cont go threw this I don't want to fall out I never have niver. I so close to him and trust him 100%. I been in tears beause of it qnd wanted to kill myself :( beause I fell out with him

What do I do help please


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Heather, It sounds like things have been really tough with your dad which has been making you feel lost and down. It seems that you love him very much but that that at the minute you feel that you want things to change. It seems that you are experiencing a lot of emotions, you say that you are going through hell at the moment. Have you tried giving the relationship a bit of time, sometimes when we try to make things right we end up trying to get back to the way things were too early, when both parties could do with a cool off period to think things over. Do you think that could be an option for you? Alternatively could you write down how you feel to send to him, so that rather than feeling on the spot to give an instant reply he can think things over. I really hope that this helps.
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