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Making a decision about where to move to

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I went to view 4 places with rooms to rent and only one, maybe 2 at a push stand out to me.

The one that I'm not sure about has a lovely house, but the room is on the 2nd floor and the windows are on the slanted roof so can't actually see a view. I think if I stayed in that room I'd feel a bit a cut off from not being able to see.

The one I'm thinking about hasn't got anybody in it yet, only 1 definite tenant. I need to go and have another look round the rooms which is good as I'll have top pick of which one to get, and the landlord said existing tenants will get to have a say on who comes in.

Thing is she said its a minimum 6 month contract and while I'll get a say on who I'm sharing with, what if we don't get on, or I decide I don't like the house? I know I can appeal to leave early but it may not be possible.

Also, if there are disputes between tenants, can we appeal to ask to the landlord to ask someone to leave?
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