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Welcome new users here a thead about the site

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Hello and welcome to TheSite.org forums!
This thread is a quick introduction to who we are, what this place is for and how to get started.

Who are we?
We are TheSite community - a pretty mixed bunch of people who are interested in or affected by the issues covered by TheSite.org. We're from all over and all walks of life. Most of us are from the UK and between 16 and 25, but some are older or younger. We talk about things happening in our lives and provide each other with information, advice or just a friendly ear. Though, being an internet forum, we do have a whole section for general banter*

What is this place for?
These forums are a moderated, judgment-free place to ask for advice or talk about anything that's affecting you or playing on your mind. We have forums for:
Health & Wellbeing
Sex & Relationships
Drink & Drugs
Home, Law & Money
Work & Volunteering
Student Life
Travel & Free Time


We have chats on....
Monday 8-10
Wednesday 8-10*
Thursday 8-10
Sunday 7-9*

-We also have chats 7-8 for narmal chat about films E.T.C*
-Then we have chat 8-10 for support chat where u can talk about things that's going on and get support for it :)

Here's the link to go into chathttp://www.thesite.org/community/thesocial/chat

Here's the link where u know and see who's doing chat

Here's the rules for chat

Getting started
If you haven't already, you can register here. Make sure you've read our Registration Rules and Good Manners Guide as they'll give you a good idea of how things work around here. It might also be worth taking a look around the rest of the welcome centre, especially the thread about our Mods & Moderation Policy.

Why not fill out your profile a bit too? You can add some info about your interests, add a profile picture, an avatar and even a signature.

Once you've done all that, feel free to get posting! Why not start by saying hi and introducing yourself in our Introductions Section?
If it's all a bit confusing, post in our Help Desk and someone will get back to you.

Happy posting*

Questions/suggestions/corrections? Get in touch!


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