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re-housing help needed

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I am getting pretty desperate now and i'm hoping that someone may be able to help. I'm going to try and keep this concise.

I have a friend who has lived in a council house with his only surviving parent for more than 15 years, in June 2013 they passed away leaving him alone. The council are trying to evict him because the house is now under occupied but he has no place to go.

He is unable to apply for a grant of succession as this was granted in 2004 when our mother passed away and legally this can only be done once.

In February 2013 he suffered from a near fatal accident while travelling to work early one morning. He broke numerous bones and damages vital organs in his body requiring numerous operations. He can no longer ride a bike or walk without a limp. He has also previously been diagnosed with moderate learning difficulties and diabetes from a young age.

The local council are claiming they have no legal responsibility to re-house him. They were 'kind' enough to offer a grant of housing in which they offered him three properties, however, all of these properties were bed-sits, on two floors and located in areas riddled with crime and violence with the likely hood of putting him at further risk. He doors a letter from his GP explaining his needs for housing in accordance with his injuries and the potential of future operations.

Now they are not prepared to offer any more options and have handed him a notice of eviction.

Is there any legal requirement for the council to rehouse him?

What could he possibly do other than loose his possessions and end up on the street potentially?

Thanks very much in advance for any replies!


  • AndyAndy Deactivated Posts: 185 Helping Hand
    Hi Oakwood,

    It's great you're looking for some support for your friend's situation. It sounds really tough and like there's quite a lot going on for them at the moment. Especially in this area as it can be so complicated and tough to get to the bottom of things. These things really can take a toll on how your friend is feeling so it's great you're there for them and have come here looking for support for your friends.

    To answer your questions, it would probably be best for your friend to speak to Shelter - they have a helpline that can give expert advice and are really good for things like this, the number is 0808 800 4444 and check the website - http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/your_housing_situation. We're not too sure about the legal requirement of the council.

    Have you or your friend spoken to the council about the flats that they offered to your friend?

    We've got an question on TheSite that has been answered by an expert in housing and that offers some really good suggestions and some next steps - http://www.thesite.org/homelawandmoney/askthesiteqandas/housingqandas/escapingeviction

    Do come back and let us know how your friend gets on. :)
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    Get onto shelter ASAP and also see if there's a local charity (CAB?) that can work as as advocate. He is a vulnerable adult and thus they have a responsibility to offer him SUITABLE housing. That maybe a bedsit unless he needs a night time carer, but being above ground floor if he has problems (or will have in the near future) climbing stairs then they HAVE to offer him something that it suitable. I've had to fight a similar issue after being evicted a year ago myself, and with these cuts it's become much harder but make sure he gets help fast!!!
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