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Emergency Contraceptive Pill Advice Please!!

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Hi Guys!

So I took the EC Pill on the 6th December 2013 and had my period as normal on the 29th December 2013... I took the EC Pill again on the 16th January 2014 (a few days ago) and I was wondering if it would still have the same percentage of protection even though I took the pill last month? I understand that the pill isn't guarantied to prevent pregnancy and that it should not be used as a regular contraception.

I am now slightly worried that because I used the pill before my last menstrual cyle it will effect the use of it for this menstrual cyle :/ PLEASE HELP!!


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    When I took it a few weeks ago I was told it only works once every menstrual cycle. But you're not meant to rely on it regularly. Are you using any other method of contraception?
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    Hey IrishLily,
    Welcome to TheSite :)

    It sounds like you do have quite a good understanding in general - the fact you've highlighted for yourself it's not supposed to be used regularly... I'm just wondering how you received it this second time - did you talk to a chemist/consultant or nurse or anyone or did you manage to retrieve it bypassing a health care professional? It's always good to get a second opinion from someone who knows the ins and outs of how these things work.

    With things like this, true peace of mind does tend to come from those in the know, so you might find it helps to drop a line to someone at Brook or the FPA.

    The have an online clinic which means you don't have to visit a centre to get the info you need at this point:

    If you are looking to talk to someone about longer-term contraception, these guys can help with that too.

    Let us know how you get on. :)
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    Hi guys!
    Thank you for the comments, I can happily say that I am not pregnant! I will be getting a more permanent form of contraception this weekend so I won't have to have that worry again :)
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    Glad to hear this, and getting a more permanent and reliable form of contraception is a sensible idea :)
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