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I have no idea what else I could call this thread, and at this time of night my brain isn't in thinking mode.

Anyway, hey guys.

So, I assume it's because of this new forum, I've been thinking a lot recently about volunteering. It's something that I've always wanted to do but I've never really thought about it so much until now.

As some of you are probably aware, I have aspergers, and one of the struggles aspergers involves for me is meeting new people. My biggest fear about volunteering is meeting new people, it's a scary thing for most people but for me it seems that bit scarier.

It has been suggested that I could start off with something a bit smaller and work my way up. I know this is a great idea but I guess this is where I sort of get put off.

I really want to volunteer with something that makes a difference to peoples lives, I want to help make a difference to peoples lives.. all thanks to the certain people I now look up to :heart:

So with this ambition, I decided to have a look ont' internet at the local youth club as I think this is the smallest, realistic, thing that is more of what I eventually want to do. I couldn't find anything on the internet though! I know we've got a youth club here because I used to go to it when I had like a health worker. It was a while ago now, but I'm pretty sure I remember that the youth club was only open during school holidays, which is a bit of what I wanted to find out. I don't want to just turn up at the youth club, as this is where the joys of aspergers comes in :banghead:

I guess the point of this thread is to ask for help really. Like, what now? I don't want to volunteer in a shop or anywhere similar. I know that may help with confidence but I don't want to volunteer to do something that's no way near my dream.


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    Well done for posting and its really great to here you want to volunteer. I also find it hard meeting new people so I know how you feel.

    Could you maybe have somebody come with you to the youth group to maybe make you feel a little better?

    Or have you looked on do it? That has some pretty cool volunteering opportunities.

    I could help you try and find something if you wanted.

    Up to you..

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    Hi Butterfly,

    It's great that you are thinking about volunteering, you've identified some of the common factors that prevent or put people off from volunteering in your first post. I think it's really important to recognise what you want from volunteering and the type of cause you want to volunteer with.

    As you say, it's a good idea to start small and work your way up - it's also important to figure out what you can do.

    It would be really good having a look on Do-it for opportunities in your local area - just visit www.do-it.org.uk and input your town or postcode and it will show you available opportunities in your area.

    If you're not sure or don't find the right one on Do-it, it might be best to visit your local Volunteer Centre. At the Volunteer Centre you can book an appointment with someone to talk through the type of opportunities they have available, and what would suit you. The Volunteer Centre offer great support and have superb links to local community groups. If you visit this link on Do-it - http://www.do-it.org.uk/articles/about-volunteering/find-a-volunteer-centre/ - and input your town or postcode to find your nearest one.

    Do come back here and let us know if you've got any questions, or if you're not sure about anything.

    It's great you're looking in to getting started and hope you start your volunteering soon.
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