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So New Years Right?

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I am fourteen years old, that's it, fourteen and I went to a friend's party for new years, perfectly acceptable right? I should probably say now that I'm bisexual and I've kissed so many girls but I've never kissed a guy so I wanted it done by the end of 2013...So I found this random sixteen year old who said he'd kiss me and we made out...quite a few times during the night...which is fine, I think, nothing really to worry about, but he was getting drunker and drunker and more touchy feeley and I'm a virgin and proud of it, I'm a Christian and no I'm probably not gonna wait until I'm married but at least, at the very least, until I'm legal. So I kept telling him to stop it but he kept shoving his hand up my skirt or in my bra and by this time I was a little bit tipsy, I knew what was going on but I didn't know how to make it stop...so anyway he leaves me alone for a bit, we kiss at midnight, all is fine until I lie down ready to go to bed and he comes under my covers and starts trying to finger me and I'm scared but he's kind of trapped me under his arm and I don't know what to do so I turn over and move his hand away, he then takes my hand and puts it down his pants so I'll give him a handjob and I don't want to but my hand's stuck cos his trousers are really tight...I got it out and he kept telling me he wanted to have a threesome with me and another girl (cos I'm bisexual) but then he'd say something really homophobic and then he said he'd had sex with fourteen year olds before so it was fine but I got up and left and it didn't really hit me until now but I'm really shaken, I kind of led him on, I feel so stupid and I don't want to make a big deal out of it or anything but I'm not in a good state and I have clinical depression so I'm trying really hard not to self harm because it's been seven months and yeah, I'm really quite scared and I just want someone to talk to, I don't want my parents finding out though...:(


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    You did not lead him on, you said no, he carried on. You said no, he should have stopped and he didn't.

    I'm sorry this happened to you *hug*

    Is there anyone at school you could talk to? A school nurse or someone like that?

    I know it's hard but I really suggest talking to an adult about this.
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    I know it wasn't all my fault but I feel so dirty and I shouldn't have made out with him, I'd never met him before!

    I guess I could talk to my school nurse but I don't want things getting out of hand...

    I've talked to a 20 year old friend of mine who always helps me out with stuff like this, she's helped me a lot and thank you for saying you're sorry this happened, I wish I just didn't go to the party xxx
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    I replied to this before I saw you've made the same thread elsewhere.

    Lots of people kiss strangers, don't start finding ways to blame yourself.

    Please, I really do think you should talk to your school nurse. How do you think things will 'get out of hand'?

    Talking to an older friend about this is great, but remember she's not a professional. Talking to the school nurse will most probably help you a lot more in the long run.

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    I just think somehow my parents will find out because my school nurse likes doing that kind of thing.

    I know it was just so unlike me to do something like that, I'm really not a slut and ugh.

    Thank you, I'll talk to our school counsellor when we go back.
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    Hey, just to let you know it's best to start just one thread per topics as otherwise it gets confusing for people - going to close this one now and you can continue to get replies in the S&R forum :)
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