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Name's Jeff. Hello!

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I am a semi-active member in one other forum, since 2003. That forum is NFL related, so the idea is to try several sites like this and participate in a more "real world applicable" online community. Truth be told, I enjoy reading about the lives of others in a format both anonymous and (potentially) personal. I am a bit co-dependent and this is my attempt at creating an outlet for that to, um, yeah... not like, put a person on a pedestal. Again. :no:

I *pretty much* quit video games back in Fall, 2003 to focus on academics, athletics and the "college experience." That worked, saw more than a few people succumb to GTA: Vice City my first year in the dorms. However, I have been playing Oblivion IV: Elder Scrolls for five years in January. There is no chance I will ever finish this game. It never, ever ends and I'm not really sure if I should be on a quest or just riding around on my horse slaying brigands.

I am trying to write more often in low-stakes situations. Journals have never been something (okay, diary) that engaged me for more than 10-14 days. Like a really bad infection, I was always relieved to be done with something that demands inane chatter as the only "thing" between novice and Master.

Fancy myself a poet. I do realize that much of my work is written too connected to events that aren't relevant to the struggles an audience might represent, but poetry that needs more footnotes than lines on a page (*The Wasteland*) is phony at best, poetry evolved - it is now for common folk as well. Most references are made to theological writings, obscure battles, tyrannical monarchs, Literature printed over 300 years ago.

I am unable to ollie on a skate board.
I am a fishing Guru.
Pilsner is my favorite variety of beer, although a few IPA's and pale ales remain in my list of beer that I enjoy.
I make marinara and bolognese like Rainman counting toothpicks.
Holding on to hope that 40 will be the new 30.
Doesn't subscribe to saying things like, "______ is the new black." Or, "______ is the new 30." Gross.
Self-effacing, self-loathing, self-aware, self-indulgent, selfless-so-effin-selfish (sometimes).
Wordsith, Wordsmith - what is the difference? Practice both, vigilant about retaining the right to break rules of grammars whenev... like a boss has want to do.
I am not a supervisor of anything.

Pleased to meet ya.


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    Welcome to thesite, we are a British based site aimed at 16-25 year olds. We do have members that fallen outside those brackets, but it's worth remembering when you post, or receive, advice.
  • JamesJames Deactivated Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
    Hey Jeff, that's quite a first post! Welcome to TheSite message boards.

    You're more than welcome here, but it might be helpful to bear in mind what Broken-Angel said above.

    If you'd like to share some of your poetry, you could start a thread in our Creative Forum :)
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    Hey, I justturned 33! :)

    Besides, my career has been known to require me as responsible for 30-34 17 year old young adults. One hour a session, five times a day, 188 a year.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    An educator who doesn't follow procedures. :)

    BTW Broken Angel, I guess I was only twelve when I saw Nirvana play in San Francisco. I will post a picture of my ticket. I've had that ticket longer than about half the range of your demographic has been alive. Hmmm.
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    Welcome, Jeff!
    I'm sure you'll have fun here.

    Seems cool to me
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