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Sleep is not my friend

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HI all! I'm opening a new thread for this, because I have an individual problem. I cannot sleep. Sleep is not my friend. I am 28 years old, employed, in a relationship to a great girl. No kids yet.
So, I will try to make this short otherwise you will all fall asleep when reading this. Everyone, except me :(.
I developed this problem about half a year ago. Before that, my sleep was rock solid. When I fell asleep I could sleep for 10 hours straight. But lately, my sleep is so poor that it affects my whole life. I'm getting grumpy because of this. But I don't want to be grumpy!! I've tried all, from teas to drinking milk before bed time. I also tried to meditate a little (not skilled :) ), basically none of the cannot sleep tips works for me. When I lay down, I start thinking of my life and my thoughts go crazy. I cannot sleep and I cannot fall asleep for hours. I just process all the thoughts in my head, one by one. I'm getting frustrated.
But, let me say this - my life isn't that bad at all. I have a great job and a great girlfriend, never had any problems in my youth (no fears, no abuse, no bullying in school or whatever...). I really don't know why I'm thinking of million things in my head when I try to fall asleep. Is it maybe because of the fact that I'm slowly aging? Could this be the problem? If you ask me where I see myself in 5 years I can't really give you the answer...
Other than that, my life is normal and I also do some sports to stay in shape and I try to eat healthy as well. All is fine, except sleep. Sleep is the only thing that lacks in my life at the moment. How do you get some sleep when you're upset, worried or stressed? (I am not stressed (at least I don't think so)).
Please, any good sleep tips would be great!
Thanks in advance for replying me ;)


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    It sounds like you're dealing with some contradictory thoughts - on the one hand you can't sleep because 'your thoughts are going crazy' but on the other, you feel that things are going well in your life and perhaps you feel as if you're not justified in feeling any stress? Do you feel able to share any of the thought processes you have in these waking hours?

    We recently had a sleep 'live chat' with an expert that you might find helpful to read.

    You may also find the info on NHS choices useful.

    Do you and your girlfriend live together? Just wondering if there's any difference when you're sleeping in the same bed or not?
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    Thanks for replying.
    I just pointed that out (that my life is going well) to show you that I don't have any particular issues in my life that would haunt me, but still, I deal with a lot of stuff when I lay down in bed. For example - there's the college I need to finish (graduate), I don't have a house yet, I need to get my self a loan. I want to have kids, but I'm not sure that I'm ready yet. I'm thinking of moving to another apartment (the current one is nice, but costs too much). I spend too much money over the month so I can't save much money...... See, that kind of stuff doesn't let me sleep. And if I don't sleep, I'm unproductive at work. I sleep over meetings. I don't want to be left behind - I want to get promoted sometimes soon. But with this sleep issue I can't be focused at work. Lately I also think a lot about this.
    Am I under stress, but I don't know it? Am I taking problems too easy? Am I lying to myself that my life is going well?
    Please help me. I need my sleep. Thanks.
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