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College and Depression

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I'm currently an A2 college student, trying to juggle 3 subjects, which is the common amount, as well as being involved in extracurricular. However I've found that I'm lacking more motivation when it comes to doing work at home and essay writing, which I just avoid and allow piling up. For example, I have an Art and Law deadline for today. But I haven't completed either essay? I've done half of Law and a quater of Art. Which is dreadful? And I just end up feeling shit not wanting to do anything, how can I cope with this? I need a way to keep on top of it.


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    I know it sounds like what you'd do with a little child, but have you tried I'll do X amount of work then I'll go on fb/have a piece of cake/whatever? It works quite well for me with essays? Or I can only reply to a text after each paragraph of essay
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    Hey Jamesisnotonfire,

    I can completely understand where you're coming from on this. When I was at school I was pretty similar. One of the things I found that helped quite a lot is getting together with a small group of friends doing the same subjects and doing a couple of hours with them every week before having a bit social time - whether that was having a few sneaky beers, or just playing football afterwards or something.
    It helped me to connect the ideas of studying and getting stuff done, with positive feelings and thoughts. In fact, it's probably something that works quite well here at Youthnet. Every Friday we have some time in the office dedicated to socialising and having a laugh - I'm pretty sure it has the same effect!

    Different people learn and study in different ways. Trying to identify what sort of method works best for you may help. Lots of writing can be a huge turn off for some people, so trying to find a way that makes it more appealing to you could work. That could be setting yourself a rule that you're only allowed to listen to music while you're writing, or it could be setting yourself a word limit before getting something done (say, write 300 words, go make a cup of tea, chat on facebook for ten minutes or so, write another 300 words, watch an episode of your favourite TV programme, etc).

    Is there someone at college you can talk to about how you're feeling with your workload? Most colleges have a student counsellor or similar who can talk you through how you're feeling and suggest ways to help, or even see if they can get your workload reduced or better spread out. They'll do this in absolute confidence, so you needn't worry about friends or parents finding out if you don't want them to.

    It's worth having a look through the work and study section of TheSite.org - there are some good pieces about study tips and how to manage workloads there.

    I hope you manage to find something that works for you - and good luck with your A levels! Come back and let us know how you're getting on. We're always here to help!

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