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Holiday Worry!!!!

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Duno if this is the rite place to post this or not, cos it kinda fits into lots of areas,but its something thats bothering me, and i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there thats quite as strange as me!!!

Basically im really stressing out about my holiday, which is just under 2 weeks time, i am going to Gran Canaria with 5 friends, and should be looking forward to it but im not, im TERRIFIED!!!

There are a few main reasons why, the main one being this eating thing i have, Basically ever since my GCSEs i havent been able to eat in restaurants. When ever i go out for a meal, i get realy nervous, so that when the food comes, i feel really sick and cant eat it. In the UK this isnt really a problem as i just avoid eating out, but on holiday im scared that it mite cause a few problems! Iv explained it all to my friends and they said that i didnt have to eat out, and that i could eat food in the appartments etc before we went out, but im still scared!!

Also my boyfriend goes away on monday with his mates for two weeks, and my parents go away on the same day. Im guna miss my boyfriend like crazy, im scared about him cheating on me, and i wish that they would all be here to look after me when i go away!

I know theres not a lot anyone can say to make me feel any beta, but is there any one else whos like me? Or am i just wierd... again :(



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