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Interested in gaining work experience and digital skills??

lbrumlbrum Posts: 10 Settling in
Hey all :wave:

Here at TheSite towers we have two great digital opportunities especially for you! If you live in the Midlands, we've got the Ericsson Work Experience programme. If you're in London check out the 'Make the Web' days....

Ericsson Work Experience programme is a unique and exciting opportunity to get hands-on work experience in a large, multi-national company whilst gaining valuable experience of an innovative business environment and the work of the telecoms industry.

Ericsson are offering 12 young people (aged 18-25) from the Midlands a unique four-day work experience package, that includes three days at Ericsson’s offices working alongside engineers in the field and one day on a group ‘hack’ run by Freeformers.

What is a ‘hack’ day?
The hack day is an opportunity to bring you together with the brilliant brains at Freeformers, they’ll be sharing how to create your own website, become a Facebook developer and use HTML, CSS and Javascript. You’ll then work together, using the skills you’ve gained to come up with your own creative project.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in IT, software development, telecoms or technology/network engineering. If you want some work-based experience to kick-start your career, this is ideal for you!

To learn more and apply check out the blog here on YouthNet.org or email laura.brumfitt@youthnet.org :cool:

Make the Web' at Campus Party in London
O2 are offering you tickets to join in their 'Make the Web' zone at Campus party in London from the 4th-6th September.
The sessions offer you the chance to:
"Get an introduction to the digital world you live in by joining a Think Big session. Then make your way around the building to hack with the people and platforms who are leading the way for a new generation of Makers. Mozilla; Telefonica's Think Big; Freeformers' HackJams; Code Club's Maker Lounge; Printcraft and more... all invite you to get your hands on the tools and platforms that Make The Web"

So if you want to learn about making apps, websites or anything else digital- get involved!

If you want to sign up right now (sure you do!) click here.
To learn more about O2 Think Big's zone and sessions at the Campus party click here.

Be great to have some of TheSite peeps along at the Ericsson work experience :thumb:
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