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life is fuck up bad :-(

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all my famliey have disowned me and dont want to be around me and egnours me as i dont exsist. they treat me diffant to the rest of my famliey. they all ways leave me out on everything. not even brought me a birthday pressant for my 19th birthday this year. everytime iam in tears they dont care that iam crying. when iam crying on the phone to my dad crying he all ways says "oh right". iam like do u even care about y iam crying and going to ask me the resson y. i tryed telling my famliey aswell about i feel disowned when iam in the shared house. i tell them i hate it here there allways say it better for u. so they dont care how i feeling about the house (ill go into the shared house in a sec) i rectely lost my granma too :(

Shared house:
the support workers dosnt support me at all. everytime i ask to go to the doctors or some where inpartant they yes to me then when another clint ask to to the cafe for there one to one they say of caurse. when i ask them are they ready to go they tell me they not comming with me. appartlley i dont need support iam to clever i dont need support with anything. some thing i d o need help i keep telling them this but they dont liston to me. there overelly more inpartant then iam. i feel they dont care at all if they cared they wont let another clint have a go at me and tell me to "get out of my fucken house"

i dont know y i bother with my life i just want to die right now. i keep thinkin y do i bother with my life. iam not worth it :crying::crying::crying::crying:


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    Hey Heather

    I'm really sorry to read this thread and hear how hard you're finding things right now. I just wanted to give you some *hug*s and I hope that posting here has helped a little bit.

    I don't really know how supported housing works, so apologies if this suggestion isn't helpful, but I wondered if there's a manager or someone higher up who you could talk to about the problems you're having? If the support workers are supposed to be supporting you at doctor's appointments etc then you deserve to get that support, not to be fobbed off. Perhaps it's time to take the matter to someone higher up?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma passing away... it can take a really long time to feel like your emotions are back to normal after someone we love dies. Just try to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to grieve her loss. I know others have posted some good suggestions on your other thread too, so hopefully those will help.

    Take care *hug*
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