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What should i do???

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So, there is this girl that I'm into, and she is really into me. We have had this thing for each other for a while now, but nothing happened before because she went to Uni.. But now she is back. Last night, we were hanging out with some friends. When she was ready to go, i walked her to her car, and we kissed. I have kissed a few girls, but it was never like this. She is coming over again tonight, and I'm almost certain it is going to go far beyond that. But, I'm moving over seas next week. Nothing more can happen between us, and we both know that. But, at the same time, we want this to happen. I feel like it would be wrong to sleep with her, because obviously we can't be together. Not now, anyway. Would it be wrong for us to do this? I don't know how either of us is going to handle it. I'm crazy for this girl, but I have to leave, and can't take her with me.. What should I do?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey typerry :wave:

    Sorry you didn't get any replies before the meet - how did it go? It sounds like you've made a real connection with this girl and it's confusing as you know that you're about to move away. Whether or not you feel it is 'wrong' is entirely down to how you both feel about the situation and what you choose to do - it might make it harder to say goodbye but it also might be a really exciting and positive experience that you can both feel happy about and look back on as just one of those moments that was great even though it had to end. Different people will have their opinions but what really matters is how you feel about sleeping together?

    Let us know how you're getting on anyway, I hope it went okay *hug*
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