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Is it possible to get JSA early to attend a funeral?

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Hi all, quick question regarding JSA. I'm due to sign on weds and get the payment next monday but have a funeral this Friday.

Am I likely to have any luck asking for the payment to be made earlier? Looked into a Social Fund Loan to cover the travel costs but have not been on JSA long enough.

Any experiences of situations like this would be gratefully received!

Many thanks


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    Phone them tommrow or ask when u go on when ur going and they be able to help u. Sorry not much help to u :/
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    Hi there,
    Welcome to the boards and thanks for posting your query.
    Sorry to hear that you need to attend a funeral this week.
    I don't think JSA will you earlier unfortunately. It's all about ticking boxes and keeping to their systems.
    I understand you've looked into the Social Fund.
    Have a look at this page on theSite about the different types of financial help available now.
    Has your claim been processed yet? Or is your claim in payment? This might affect what you are eligible for.
    There is something called 'Short term advance'. It's a bit like a loan as you have to pay the money back but if you can show that you need the money right now and your claim has not been processed yet, then you might be eligible for this advance.
    Alternatively you could go to the Job Centre and ask them what if they can help in anyway - there might be other local schemes that your job centre will know about.
    You could also try posting your question to askTheSite where your question will be asked by an expert - http://www.thesite.org/community/askthesite

    Finally, I also wanted to let you know you can introduce yourself to others on the boards in this section - http://vbulletin.thesite.org/forumdisplay.php/105-Introduce-yourself

    Hope this helps.

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