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I havent posted in months because I was speaking to a doctor from CAMHS. The doctor helped me talk about things but the first time i spoke to him alone i couldnt stop shaking and it was my entire body. I was 'discharged' about a month ago and a few days after i had a spider crawl up my back, combining this and when i think i see things in the dark, and that ive recently moved and saw a man staring out of his window into mine and waving at me i think i see things twice as much as i used to. Sometimes i see black dots running across my walls or bed or clothes and i instantly think its a spider, i know it happens to everyone but i see it so much and it genuinely scares me. Also, sometimes when i look at my window at night im positive i see someone else looking in , aswell as seeing shadows i think it has something to do with how im terrified of the dark, especially when i have to be in the dark or walk through a dark hallway. I really dont want to tell my mum because she would make me talk to a doctor again and when i did i just felt emotionless for days after, like i gave the doctor all my feelings when i told him about them.


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    Hey LouiseL923 :wave:

    Good to see you posting again on the boards.

    Sounds like a lots been going on since you were last around.

    How did the CAMHS experience go for you throughout, was it a positive experience overall?

    I know it can be difficult to open up and talk to a doctor. When you were discharged from the service, was there aftercare or follow up care provided, such as a support worker in the community?

    It's very difficult online to get a clear picture or insight regarding symptoms etc and the best advice is to always speak to a specialist.

    Where you discharged with a plan or a support contact should you require further support after being discharged from the service?

    Sorry to ask a lot of questions...

    Hope things are better for you tonight.

    It's good to see you back though, keep in touch.

    Phil :thumb:
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    Talking to the doctor was okay, but afterwards i would feel emotionally numb for days and i couldnt bring myself to care about much, and then i would get all these feelings at once. When i left i was told that if i ever needed to talk to a doctor then i should speak to my doctor in my town, and if it was needed then i could be referred back again.
    Thanks :)
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