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Freelance work (when to register self employed)

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I have earned a little bit of money this financial year with web design work, not loads but about 4 grand.

I can keep this a secret and noone will know but as I am getting more work than i thought I want to make it official as no tax has been paid so far.

I dont know how far I should backdate it when i tell the hmrc cos i dont want to get in trouble, maybe im better of pretending I only started when i did my last job just over a month ago for £300 rather than when i got my first job last june?

The problem is also that I want to apply for a mortgage next month and it would be great to put this additional 4k as 'additional income' but I have no proof of this work other than the cash i put in my bank.

Am I doing something illegal, surely loads of people start of by selling stuff out their bedroom and at a point they become legal, whats the cutoff for informing hmrc, maybe im still ok before april?

Kind regards,

Betty Boo... :love:


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    I'm unsure about most of the questions you raise, so I won't comment as I don't want to give duff advice. However, I would have thought you wouldn't be able to put that 4k down as extra income unless its a contracted and regular amount.

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  • JemGJemG Posts: 11 Settling in
    Hi bettyboo,

    These tax issues are really complex aren't they - a few of my friends are self-employed and I really struggle to understand it all, as do they! You may find it useful to take a look at the article on TheSite.org about Tax and Self-employment - it also has links to HMRC and other information such as Self-Assessment. You could consider getting some professional, 121 advice, for example from Citizens Advice who are completely impartial and independent? Or you could consider heading over to TheSite's 'askthesite' service and post your question there - you'll get a confidential answer back from experts within three working days.
    Hope this helps!
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