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it's been over a year, and still in-love

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I suck at verbalizing my emotions, and he is even worse then me.
I fallen in-love with him right from the start because he reminded me of how I was at 16.
fake story's, trying to impress, fear of showing emotions etc.
I'm 24 he is about 9 years older then me I think.
we failed due to games, failed communication and fear of showing emotions.
we are both the "show off strong type" nobody can touch/hurt me etc.
I moved to a new city 3 hours away, to be away from my family.
personally I'll drive 10 hours just for an hour by his side.
he does not.
what makes matters worse is that people from the same city he is at, almost throw themselves at me.
random people I care not off, would kill to be with me.
he is the 'no risk' nerd. play it safe and nice, if it's not easy why do it?
I am the "risk brings pleasure" easy is boring. best things in life are from chances taken.
I broke up with him because could not handle him being fake anymore and hoped this will shake him up and he'll drop the act.
it didn't.
he has a gf he claims to not love and cheated on her.
so i know he is the cheater type. even worse.
but that doesn't help.
I still adore him, I don't give a shit about nothing.
I asked him if he ever loved me or was it all in my head and he said he did.
wish he said he didn't.
I don't know how to move on.
can't take this anymore. I am dating and all fail.
I can't accept all hope is gone because there are no facts to prove it as such.
everything in my life all thoughts and decisions I live and fix trough logic.
I can't fix illogical problems. I can't stop loving him.
help me.


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    Hey Kittyhugs

    Sorry to hear how down you're feeling about your ex. Moving on, even if you know that ultimately it's the right thing to do, can be incredibly hard.

    It sounds like you're trying very hard to get over him - even moving to another place! But, as you've discovered, that doesn't always make it easier or stop you from thinking about them.

    I don't know if you've discovered the articles here on TheSite yet, but here are a few that you might like to read - I hope they help a bit:

    Mending a broken heart

    Accepting it's over

    Getting over it

    Take care
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    thank you for trying.

    but have you read my post?

    I moved to be away from my family- Not Him.

    we didn't date due to LONG distance.

    the reason it's hard accepting "all hope is gone"
    is because it's not.

    facts are lacking.

    but nonetheless, thank's for trying.
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