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Feeling anxious after job interview

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I'm literally going out of my mind since my interview last week. I'm a graduate from film and the visual arts. Th job I went for was at the biggest performing arts centre in my city. Its an entry level job to work in box office operations. The job also entails dealing with customers and providing really great customer service. Its a great job with good pay and so close to public transport, and the company culture seems really good as well.

I literally feel like crying as I think I stuffed up on two questions during the interview. The first question was 'what do you dislike about your current job.?" I was feeling pretty nervous and my mind went blank. I said that I dislike some customers, but added that when I am dealing with a difficult customer, I put my strong negotiation skills into action in order to achieve mutually beneficial results for both the customer and the company. I feel that this was a stupid answer, as this is a customer service based position. However, I also added that I also like working with customers, and it is one of the things I like about the job.

The second question was what are the dynamics to make a great team. I answered, that everyone on the team has to be on the same page and a good sense of humour helps. I feel that this was a stupid answer.

I also think that I messed up on another question relating to when was the last time I was proactive and used my initiative, to which I answered, that I once reduced a fee on a finance loan in my current job, in order to keep the customer happy, as they were unhappy with the service. I also said that senior management is aware of this procedure and its up to us to exercise this discretion.

I have another job interview, for a job that I don't particularly want at all. I had a phone interview and completely forgot what my GPA was, and when asked the question, I gave a rough figure, which is a little off.

I feel like I am going out of my mind.
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