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I Need To Rant....

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sorry people but i reli need to rant...

social services came out last week and said they are moving me because my carers dont want me after 18... ive got 6 weeks till my 18th and they want to move me before then... however i was talking to my carer the other day and asked why she dont want me anymore? she was because she doesnt like how social have gone about things and the fact we had one agruement this month... i thought fair enough.

today i phoned up my social worker to talk about my bus pass to and from college and she asked if jan had told me why im moving and i said yes. kate asked for the reasons so i told her... and guess what? jan gave me fake reasons, apparently its not cause of social or the arguement and my social worker wont tell me anything.. apparently her and my fosterparents worker are guna talk to jan about being upfront with me...

im so annoyed because jan knows about my incident in january and i trusted her with that but now she is lying to my face!!
tbh i want to go now, im fed up of this family treating me like dirt and lying to me. my room is a mess but there is no point sorting it coz i guna have to pack it soon....


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    Hi Kelly, sorry to hear you've got to move when you turn 18.

    I'm going to move your post into 'Sex & Relationships' as it sounds as though a lot of what's going on here is about your relationship with your carer and your social worker too. Trust in any relationship is really important and it sounds as though this has broken down a bit.

    I hope it helped initially to have a rant though *hug*

    Might it also help to find a quiet moment once you feel a bit calmer to sit down with jan and let her know how you feel? What do you think that might be like? She may have a reason for lying even if it doesn't take away from the fact that she did.. big hugs *hug*
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    i cant talk to her without it getting into an arguement atm....

    yeah i find that ranting helps lots xx

    big hugs back xx
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