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So...I decided I wanted to get a new job...I applied and I now have an interview next week but now I'm questioning if it's what I really want. Reasons leading to my decision to move:
I feel and have been told by external contacts that hold director positions that I am underpaid for my level of experience.
I feel undervalued but the same applies for the whole of my dept as HR are considered "fluffies".
I was told about my Dad passing away at work.
I feel there is no balance - I'm either bored or overwhelmed. This has only become an issue since all the upheaval in my personal life.
Career progression opportunities are no longer there due to structural changes.

Reasons to stay:
I love my team (only 6 of us) - we are like a mini work family
I love the relationship I've spent 2 years building with the management team.
I have great flexibility which will be a necessity for finishing my final year of uni
Although I feel undervalued, I know my manager and some of the other dept mgrs recognise my efforts but sometimes it isn't always enough.

Questions going round in circles in my mind:

People say you shouldn't make any big changes in the first 18 months of grief...
Am I just looking to runaway?
Will I cope away from the team that I feel are holding me together after everything that's happened?

I'm actually getting upset at the thought of leaving my team but are they going to be there forever? In particular my manager has been a life saver...how many managers would offer to go to your parents funeral with you for support? But realistically management are moved round so often how long will she still be there?

I'm completely and utterly confused :S I know if I don't know what I want, no-one else will know...I just feel torn in the middle...:confused:


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    I'm slightly confused as to how work fits in with uni. Ate you starting full time or what?

    As a starting point I'd say go for the interview. It doesn't commit you, gives you an opportunity to find out more about the potential new job and an idea if what's out there and the options. You might not get it, but f you're starting to get itchy feet then the interview experience could be good.

    Having a list of pros and con is a great start. My suggestion would be to keep going with the other application for the time being, remember some of your concerns about the new role and ask about them at the interview and see how things go from there.

    Will try and be more useful when slightly morevawake.
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    I have no choice but to go back to uni part time as I can't afford not to be working so I am finishing my degree with the same uni but through part-time/distant learning. In terms of the job being flexible, I just meant in terms of taking holiday around exams and assignment submission dates so I can balance everything.

    I've been doing a lot of thinking and the only reason I want to stay is because of my team but I don't think it is enough of a reason to stay. Other than that they have held me together recently. On the other hand, I would see them outside of work...so it isn't like I wouldn't see them ever again should I leave.

    I'll probably go through all of this agonising and not even get the job! :(
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    There is another, potentially strong argument fir staying on a near term basis. You know that this job is flexible enough to fit round studying, you know that you get on with the people. Yes, you know it hasn't got a great long term future but there could be a case with sticking with something that dies the trick and pays the bills whilst studying and building up experience and then look to move once you graduate.

    Either way, keep Pershing the application for the other one and see how it goes.
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