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When is the right time to ...

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Hi all,

Just wanted your thoughts o. When the right time to move out of the family home is. I am 24 and still living at home. I have lived in London all my life, went to university here and work in London. I just wanted to know when people know its the right time.

My family home is pretty large so there is no real pressure to move out.
I am however reaching an age where I am getting bored of living at home and may move into my own house and rent one of the rooms out. I am hoping to be a little more outgoing etc.

So I guess I am also asking are you more social when you live out of the family home I.e you make more of an effort to go out.

Spk soon!!


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    Hello there and welcome to the boards :wave:

    Thanks for posting your query. I think it's an important question that we most of us face at some point in our lives. But there is no right or wrong answer.

    You can move out of your parent's home whenever you feel ready and have the financial stability to do so.

    We have a section on TheSite.org called 'Your place' - http://thesite.org/homelawandmoney/home/yourplace
    It includes lots of articles on issues that you could face from insurance to choosing a flatmate.

    You could also consider your reason for wanting to moving out. You say you are bored at home and hope to be more outgoing if you move out. Moving to your own place will not automatically make you more outgoing. But there are things you can do now to boost your social life and circle ready for when you do fly the nest. There is a section on TheSite.org called 'Friendship' which some great articles. For example about how to boost your social life and making new friends - http://thesite.org/sexandrelationships/familyandfriends/friendship

    Hope this helps :)
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