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I have a doctors appointment on the 25th june and i think i may need to speak to my doctor about this horrible feeling in me telling me something is definitely wrong. Recently ive been thinking about anxiety disorders and something in me clicked and i thought about how paranoid and uneasy i always am and how there will be days where im really happy and days when im so low i dont want to get out of bed and sometimes i just want to give up because im so exhausted.
I ache all the time and feel like im ugly and fat and look horrible and i feel like the only way to make me happy is to force me to be happy. And sometimes i just want to stay in my room with the lights off for hours on end and and i feel like if i ask to talk to my form teacher or my friends im taking advantage of the help given to me or i feel like im trying to show it off all the time and then people ask me why i never talk to anyone about my issues and my emotions are just going completely haywire and i cant stop my self from going into this daze where i dont talk to anyone...

Well,, thats my rant done.

Louise xx :)


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    Sounds as if you may be suffering with depression - check out the possibility with your doctor, and if s/he thinks you are depressed, ask about some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

    Anxiety is often the flip-side of depression, i.e. you get tense and worry about the future, followed by feeling exhausted and despondent about life in general. Becoming very self-critical is also another symptom.

    Learning to relax mind and body at a deep level will help with the anxiety and the feelings of tiredness ? This book explains the techniques and shows you how:-


    The therapy explained in the book has also been approved by NICE as an effective treatment for depression within the NHS.

    See what your doc says next week - good luck, hope you feel better soon.

    Jed :wave:
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