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Disabled and need a place to call Home!

Hey, thanks for welcoming me into chat tonight.

I was advised to post this here after talking about needing somewhere stable to live as i'm currently living in a hostel. I'm disabled with 2 progressive diseases in my joints and will one day never walk again. The council are useless and i've phoned so many other places in Coventry where I live, and they are either full with no spaces or i'm not a priority.

I have no income apart from JSA but i find it so hard to get a job as i lost 4 in the space of 3 months due to my joints. and i lost my place at uni because of it. so i have no money. i have very good friends in church but theres only so much sofa surfing and belongings moving i can do!

Any advice or help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much :)

x :) x
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    Helloo welcome to the boards! I was in chat too.

    I know how hard it is to get help in these kinds of situations with waiting lists and not being a high enough priority. There are lots of people here who will be able to give you better advice than me but thought I would show my support anyway.

    You say that the council are not very helpful, do they know about your disabilities? Obviously I'm not sure if it's the same as my council but people with disabilities usually have more priority than others, sometimes a referral or a letter from a GP can help to explain your needs a bit more and give you more priority.

    Also have you tried house share? There are sometimes places which are private rented which allow people on benefits, this one is pretty good for searching nearby - http://www.spareroom.co.uk/ It can feel a bit weird sharing a house with somebody but it would get you out of those hostels until you can find something more suitable.

    Anyway I'm sure lovely people will reply on this and help you, but hope you get sorted soon :)
  • **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    :wave: Glad you've posted.

    It was clear last night that you're in a really tough situation and deserve more support than you've currently been getting. You mentioned wanting to be independent which is really admirable and if you're able to get further help in the most significant areas, then hopefully this, in time, will be possible.

    Have you heard of the Council of Disabled People (CDP) in Coventry? It looks like it'd be worth exploring and let us know how you get on.

    You mention JSA, but I was wondering if you're receving disability allowance or anything similar? Turn2Us is a website worth exploring as alongside listing some other services that may be relevant to you, it also has a benefits calculator function that you can use to work out if you're entitled to more income while you're finding your feet and working out your future options.

    The other charity I mentioned last night was Leonard Cheshire disability. I've checked and they do have services in Coventry which might be able to help. Even though it's an 'At Home' service they list here, I think it's worth dropping them a line anyhow to see if they can help with referral or any other advice.

    Let us know how you get on. *hug*
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