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New guy too keen??

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I started talking to a guy on match.com a few weeks ago and we met up for the first time last weekend. He's a nice guy and I enjoyed chatting with him and we agreed to meet up again. Almost immediately the texts started saying how much he had enjoyed it, how pretty I was and how he was looking forward to meeting again. I felt flattered. We agreed to meet during the week for dinner and again had a good time. Again, lots of texts and now he's started calling me every evening. Because I'm polite and know what it's like to be ignored, I've been replying and answering but I feel like he's getting too keen too fast. I was out with mates last night and he text me 5 times (which I ignored) and called me at 1am (which I ignored).

I suppose I can't decide if I should tell him to get lost as it's too much or am I just so used to being treated badly by previous partners that I can't handle a genuinely nice guy? I'm worried that if our relationship progressed then these are all warning signs of someone who could he very possessive. I'm meeting him again today and now I don't know how I feel about it!


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    Hey, maybe it would be worth speaking to him, saying to slow down a bit, I mean it doesn't mean it cannot work between you two, it sounds hes a little over excited :)
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    Hey Gingerbelle, how did the meet up go? I reckon rosierawrz has some pretty sound advice there.. if you feel it's a bit full on would you feel ok asking him to take it a bit more slowly and then see how it goes?

    Past relationships can certainly have an impact on how we feel and it may be that he's just really keen and a bit over-excited like Hellfire says. Either way, it should become clear fairly soon if you're comfortable with this one or not.. it's often best to go with your gut instinct in the early days, do what feels right to you :)

    Let us know how you get on, always here to listen :heart:
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