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G-Raffe's Magic Budget Tracking Spreadsheet

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Hello there everyone, please enjoy G-Raffe's magic budget tracking spreadsheet.

Attachment not found.

I will give you a quick low down on the worksheets within it, though it should in theory be all self explanatory.

1. Year - This is just a tracker of total costs for each day over the year, all items have been lumped together for these totals, I have also done totals per month.

2. Items - This shows totals for each item, over each month, with a total over the year.

The first two worksheets do not allow you to change anything, I have protected the worksheets as to avoid the chance of people accidentally deleting formulas. However you are free to un-protect the sheet as the password is blank. The only things you can freely edit are the amounts on the following sheets;

3. Jan/Feb/Mar.... etc - There is a worksheet for each month, you can enter daily totals for each area. If you spend amounts weekly or monthly, you could either put the amount in as it would leave your purse eg £/$30 on the first of a month, or individual amounts of £/$1 for every day. It is all totalled up monthly anyway.

You can also highlight amounts with your mouse and excel does total it up and display it on the screen for you, if you want to say highlight a small date range.

Hope you all enjoy anyway, it does work and feel feel to edit/change/mess around as much as you want. However if you are not of the computer persuasion, I'd be more than happy to do some tinkering if needs be for you.

ps I have set many boxes as "currency" so UK users should have it turn up as £'s and for people like my_name it should read $'s. Just incase you were wondering why some of the headers read "£/$"Attachment not found.


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