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Should I tell her.... Again????

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In my previous post I explained the situation I'm in. I, explain it again. I'm in love with this girl and have been for a few months now, we have been really close friends the last couple of months. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and I remained close to her the whole time. I have asked her out a couple of times and she has said no because she thnks we r too close. Anyway six days ago she asked me out and of course I said yes!!!! Unfortunately three days ago she broke up with me because she said that she wants to be single for a while to relax because she felt every time she saw me she had to impress me and also she wanted to sort out her feelings. She also said to me that when she is ready to go out with someone and she still likes me the way she does just now she will ask me out. What are the chances of this happening????

Anyway there's the story explained. We are still really close, she is coming round to mine in 4 and a half hours. I'm debating in my mind whether or not I should say this to her when she comes round??:

"Emily I love you to bits and I would do anything for you right now. When you asked me out on Friday night I was ecstatic. I loved being able to say that you were my girlfriend, your the most gorgeous, funny and nicest girl I have ever met. You have no idea how much I want to be your boyfriend when you are ready to go out with someone. I promise that if you do go out with me that i will be the nicest, warm hearted and the most caring boyfriend you've ever had. I know we are really close and I don't want that ever to
change. I love you and always will."

I am considering saying this to her but I don't know if it will sound a bit desperate?? Help me please.

I was also going to ask her "what are the chances of you going back out with me once you are ready?". Again I don't know if it sounds a bit desperate. I need help and an answer fast please!!!!!! Thanks
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