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Benefit Entitlements

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My Situation:
Started a Home Learning Course to do at home while doing self-employed freelance work, Started doing the course on a full time basis, but since I have completed most of the work I can now cut back on the hours on to well below 16 per week.

Just have a couple of questions:

1) What is the difference between JSA and Income Support ?
2) Could I qualify for any of the above benefits even though I am paying for my Home Learning Course if I was to do it less than 16hrs per week ?
3) How or where do you get Income Support ?
4) Also would I be able to claim since I have my own place in my own name now through a housing association ?
5) I was also looking at a Training scheme as well over the last couple or months and this would also be an avenue that I would consider going down as well ?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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    So long as you are available and actively searching for full time work, you can claim job seekers allowance (JSA). You need to show that you are looking for work and will take full time work. As you're doing a distance learning course this shouldn't be too hard- there's nothing stopping you doing the course after you get home from work.

    You can really only claim income support if you are a carer or a lone parent of a child aged under five. If you have limited capability for work you can claim employment support allowance (ESA), but you will be expected to attend a medical. These medicals generally will come out with the result that, if you're well enough to do distance learning, you're well enough to work.
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    They are phasing out Income Support so everyone on it has to go on different benefits now e.g. JSA or ESA depending on circumstances.
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