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so for the past month give or take a few days, I've had real trouble sleeping! I've been surviving on about an hour and a half sleep a night. No matter what I do, exersize, waking up early so I can get an early night, all types of things, none of it has seemed to work. I have no clue what I can do, nothing has changed in my day to day routine to cause this. Anyone got any ideas on what I can do, even something thats not considered normal in terms of trying to sleep?


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    id try a melatonin supplement or 5htp before bed
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    :wave: curly_boy,

    Sorry you're having problems sleeping at the moment, and that you don't know why this is *hug*

    It sounds like you have tried quite a few of the recommended things to do. Remember as well that relaxing before you go to sleep is important....so step away from the computer, TV or phone a while before you go to bed and do something relaxing such as reading, listening to chilled out music etc. Also, try not to have any caffeine before bed, a late night tea or coffee could keep you awake.

    Some people also find drinks such as chamomile tea or milky drinks (without caffeine) help. You said you have tried getting into a routine and this hasnt helped, but dont give up on this, it might just be talking your body a while to get used to it.

    There are a couple of useful articles on TheSite.org which you might not have seen before: Sleeping Easy, Insomnia and Sleeping disorders that have all got some other good hints and tips.

    It might be worth thinking about whether there is anything on your mind at the moment that maybe troubling you? Some people find having a notepad and paper by the side of their bed useful, and jot down everything on their mind before they go to sleep.

    If you're still not sleeping well after trying these things, then it is advisable to see your doctor and talk it through. There are sleeping pills available but its best to chat to a doctor before taking these.

    Hope this helps, and that you can get a good nights sleep soon :thumb:
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