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I thought we were friends?

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Sorry if this is not in the right place, feel free to move it Moderators, not quiet sure weather it should go in relationships or here in Health and Well being.

So thing's with someone I thought was my best friend are going a bit, let's say "hey-wire." What she honestly just using me as a tool as nobody else would listen to her? Honestly? Yes, she was pretty amazing, I thought I had a real friend for once who I could speak to honestly about all the crap I am going through and have been though, we know each other's life stories. Well not completely but almost. I know she's going through a lot her self, but she has no right to treat me like some robot.

Okay, so, this is what happened. We were talking on Facebook, just one of those daily conversation's most of you have, and then this argument about parents started, yes I really shouldn't have told her to go and get a life, but telling me to go and die was just despicable. I still don't understand where the conversation came from to be honest. Someone I thought loved me and cared for me, ended up hurting me. Next time I offer her advice, by the looks of things, she's blocked me on Facebook :( not much I can to be honest, especially if she is isolating me and taking my friends away from me. According to her, she's just so' much more popular than me.

Yes, I struggle to make friends, but I'm not the only one, she had no friends in her old school, she just had to move didn't she, the new girl is always popular. I want her as my friend again, maybe not best friend, but my friend, I've messed this up so much, I think I was the main trigger to the argument, when I told her I can't talk to her and telling me their is a lot going on at home instead, I couldn't help not telling what was actually happening though, I couldn't, I was scared of triggering her. Now coming to think of it and reading our conversation I can't do anything about it, I've tried talking to her, sending her a letter and everything, but she's not the person I thought she was no more, she's just gone bag to not caring about anything, not even herself.

Now, I wonder. What should I do?


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    Hi **Deeds**


    My first thought is maybe the situation just needs some time, you seem to have made alot of effort to contact her but she's not open to it right now.

    It could be that if she's in a bad place herself she just can't deal with it, maybe she's just as hurt if as you say you triggered that conversation or maybe she really isn't who you thought she was and if that's the case you're better off without her honestly.

    dp :heart:
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