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feeling physically better, and working out, but still feel a tingle of jealousy

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things are going better for me as now i am going to a church and plan on getting baptised next year and i am slowly making friends, and im excercising and most of my diet is vegeterian so i feel good, but when im alone by myself walking to school, or going someplace, such as walking around san francisco after church, i felt like i was the only single guy in san francisco. im 24. i try not to let jealousy get in the way because i knwo that is a sour,and cruel way to feel because it is selfish , but it does upset me when i see happy couples walking around holding hands and i saw a happy couple tickiling each other and goofing and they were looking at me, and i sort of gave them a dirty look, which i didint mean to. im upping my confidence but sometimes i hit lows especially when im alone seeing happy couples. i know they say singles always envy people in relationships, i just feel like sometimes ill be single forever and i would rather die knowing if i never have sex or a relatonship again.


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    I think the more and more things you do to up your confidence levels, the more those feelings will go away.
    You've done so well so far.
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    It sounds like you are doing well and making progress which is great. The jealousy thing is pretty normal though. I also get really jealous of happy couples as I don't think I'll find another boyfriend. However just because people appear happy or appear to have just walked into worthwhile or meaningful lives while we struggle to find such meaning its often the case that they have their own problems and struggles that we don't see.

    For example one of my friends was in a long term relationship and there were several ocasions where I'd look at them and feel bitter and jealous. However when they broke up about a month ago it turned out that their relationship had turned really toxic for most of the year before they decided to split.

    Sometimes you just feel life is like a party where everyone in your peer group but you has been invited and is having fun while you're left alone. However when you realize that other people feel the way you do you realize this isn't the case.

    I hope I'm still making some kind of sense and I really wish you well with trying to make a better life for yourself.
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