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The Great Game-USA and Saudi vs Iran

Attempted assasinations? Trying to bomb an embassy? Sounds like the Soviets.....


Seriously though, what does this mean now?
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    I'm surprised this even got to the news, what worries me is the motives behind this news being released.

    Stuff like this goes on all the time, but I don't understand what the USA has to gain from revealing this.
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    G-Raffe wrote: »

    Stuff like this goes on all the time,

    Does it? Since the role of Ambassador was formally created in the 15th century, and formalised with the Vienna and Geneva accords in the 1800's and 1960's the position of Diplomat and the consulate have been inviolate. All nations agreed and signed to the effect that diplomats were basically off limits. To go against that is a breach of international law. Civilised countries don't breach it because it leads to a break down in diplomatic relations and they find their own diplomats are detained/expelled all over the world.

    This answers the next question, about what the USA has to gain. Proving that Iran has violated international law by sanctioning an assasination attempt against the Chief of mission to the USA is a massive coup for the US government. If it had actually succeeded it would most likely have been intepreted as an act of war against the USA and Saudi-Arabia, if it hasn't been already.
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