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Tricky situation - unsure what do to

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Here are the facts to what's happened:

I moved into a flat, owned by a friend of mine, on 1st July. I've paid 3 months rent since, at £325 a month, totalling £975, whilst he gets the tenancy agreement sorted.

I have been asking for it to be sorted since I moved in so I can claim housing benefit as i've not been working, and now i've recieved the agreement it says i've only moved in on 1st October and i've found out he didn't own the property until then, so in theory have I been conned out of 3 months rent into my mate's pocket?

I've told the housing benefits that i've been living since July and they need proof of my rent payments in order to backdate the money back to me, but my mate who owns the property is refusing to give me these receipts as it's before the tenancy agreement on 1st October and he wasn't in ownership of the property.

Anyone know if what he's doing is legal? I really don't want to be in a legal battle with a good friend I just feel as though i've been robbed of a grand here and I feel helpless.

Any help appreciated thanks


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    You say you moved into the house in July and paid rent, I'm not sure how you were conned out of money by your mate?
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    Hey there,

    Thanks for posting your query on the boards.

    It seems like you want to know how you can prove to Housing Benefit that you paid rent since July, so you can claim backdated benefits for the rent you have already paid (about £1000 you say).

    I'm not sure of the exact answer to your question to be honest. Maybe you could explain the situation to your Housing Benefit officer and they may be able to offer a solution?

    If you still need further assistance, you can try calling Shelter (http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/how_we_can_help/housing_advice_helpline) on 0800 800 4444. They offer free housing advice.

    Hope this helps.

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