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This is gonna sound so pathetic!

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Alright please do not judge me but im so confused. Here it goes... how do you masterbate like how does that work i know its where your exploring your own body but how do u do that and make it feel good? lemme know please.:confused::(


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    There are many ways for girls - most women like clitoral stimulation, but you can also stimulate your G spot. The clitoris is the small bump in the centre between the 2 lips of the vulva (which is the name for the outside part of the vagina). The G spot is a small spongey area around about 2 inches inside the vagina. There are other areas which feel nice for exploration for masturbation, but these are the main zones. Like when having sex, its really important that you are well lubricated - either with natural lubrucation, which is normally enough to protect the skin from damage (its very delicate skin, and if it you masturbate or have sex without enough lubrication, the friction can cause tiny invisable tears can occur in the skin, which can increase the possibility of infection, it also far more comfortable with lubrication).

    Some people like stimulation of the both, others like one or the other. But the best way to stimulate them is to apply pressure or vibration. This can be done with a finger, a vibrator, a dildo, pressing your vulva against something like a pillow and rubbing against it.

    Its just a case of knowing where to start, and litrally having a feel around, and experimenting to see what feels good.

    Hope that helps.

    Happy masturbating! :)
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