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It hurts :-(

I have been with my b/f for a year and a half now. Things are fine apart from sex. At the beginning it was fine but since about Christmas it has hurt and this makes me not want to try. i have been to a clinic and there is nothing wrong with me. This is really destroying my relationship so if anyone can give me some advice I would be very grateful!
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    I am no shrink but if the doctors cant find anything physically wrong with you it has got to be psycological surely? the thing is you are no doubt worrying evry time you have sex now and that is causing you to tense up a bit surely? I take it your boyfriend knows about this? I know it sounds corny but get him to give you a nice relaxing massage with plenty of oils, lots of gentle caresses and some really good tongue action (!) before he even attempts to put his dick anywhere near you!! You'll be more relaxed and you'll both enjoy some quality foreplay!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!

    If that doesnt work you'd best become a Nun sweetheart!!! Hope it all sorts itself out, Gxx
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    Hi there,
    you don't say if it hurts at the entrance or deeper inside. At the entrance it's more likely to be you not wanting to open up. Are you sure you still want an intimate relationship with this guy? If your going off him a part of you already knows and doesn't want to be this close to him. On the other hand if you still feel the same then you could be anticipating the pain and that can make you tense. I had that problem once and had to force myself to trust him like I did the first time we did it.
    Also you can sometimes get thrush which can make you sore but you would also have an itchy crutch!
    I also found that some makes of the pill made my vagina very swollen and sensitive and I couldn't have sex without pain so I went on a different make.
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    i've also had this problem, however it doesn't happen all the time only on a few occasions, it was usually because i was fully turned on at the time and needed a bit more foreplay.
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