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Tonsillitis (and passing it on).

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Hi all!

Just after a bit of advice, if possible.

I was diagnosed with tonsillitis today. It's the first time I've ever had it, although I have suffered with glandular fever in the past and this tonsillitis has shown many of the same symptoms. The lymph node on the left-side of my neck is HUGE (the tonsillitis has only made itself known on one side, which I found very odd), my left ear has been affected, I had a fever which began on Friday and has since died down a lot, I've been very lethargic and have had a lot of flu-like symptoms...

The doctor has prescribed me penicillin, which I am to take for a week, along with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I'm already starting to feel a bit better, despite only taking my first dose of penicillin a few hours ago. My fever seems to have stopped and now the only sign of this tonsillitis is my swollen neck, my sore throat and my disgusting white tonsil on the left-hand side of my mouth. Aside that, I feel a lot better. It's been almost a week now since this started.

My concern, however, is with regards to my upcoming trip to Edinburgh. I am due to leave at 7am on Thursday - less than 48 hours away now - and I'm worried about passing this on to anybody else. Specifically the guy I'm staying with because we share a bed and whatnot and there's going to be physical contact...

The last thing he needs is tonsillitis. He's running five marathons next month and can't afford to be ill. I know tonsillitis is highly contageous, but I've heard that once you've started treatment, the infectious period reduces to just 24-48 hours? So in theory I shouldn't be infectious by the time I arrive, but I'm still worried about going up to see him, to the point where I've told him that I might not. I just don't want him to catch this. But at the same time, we don't get to see each other at all often and this is a very new "relationship" and if I don't see him this weekend, we won't see each other until October. I'd rather do without seeing him than pass this on, but I'm just so ARGH about it because I've been looking forward to this trip for two months and he's booked us tickets to see a load of gigs at the festival.

Does anyone know the ins and outs of tonsillitis, and how long I might actually be contageous for? I don't want to spread this around, but I'll be gutted if I can't go on Thursday.

Any advice much appreciated. Thank you. x


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    Tell him you have the lurgy and the expected contagious period- ask him whether he wants to take the risk or not.
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    Thank you, Katralla.

    I've told him that I have tonsillitis and he's been very understanding. He says not to come up if I'm feeling unwell or don't feel up to it, but he was also very upset by the possibility that we won't see each other. He says to come up anyway if I feel well enough (he's very concerned about how I am, rather than whether I'll pass this on, although he is worried about that too) and he's happy to take the risk (<--- his words); I think I'm feeling more guilty about potentially infecting him... moreso than he's worried about catching this.

    I'm pretty sure I'll feel up to going, my fever is practically gone now, it's just a fear of passing this on. Eugh. What utterly crap timing.
  • LauraOLauraO Posts: 535 Incredible Poster
    :wave: Bohemian,

    Sorry to hear you have tonsillitis at the worst possible time, I can totally understand why this is frustrating for you :banghead:

    The info about Tonsillitis on the web is quite very vague as it depends on your infection (tonsillitis can be either a bacterial or a viral infection). You may find the information on the NHS choices website useful. With hindsight it probably would have been a good idea to ask your doctor about this whilst you were there, if you're really concerned perhaps you could call to speak to your doctor, or chat to someone at NHS Direct on 0845 4647?

    It sounds like you've done the right thing being honest with him and talking to him about it before you go, as then you can make the decision together :)

    Hope you start to feel much better soon, rest up and take care,

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    Thank you so much, LauraO.

    It's a viral infection, supposedly caused by the same virus that lays dormant in my system after the glandular fever. I will certainly check out the NHS website for more information.

    Thank you again for the advice and the support. :)
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